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Wedding days almost always begin with happiness and hope for a wonderful life together.  Then the journey of married life begins and couples inevitably encounter times when they say or do something to disappoint or hurt each other.  When couples do not have the tools to communicate assertively and resolve conflict correctly, these hurts can build up and weaken the couple’s connection.  As a result, one or both partners begin to lose their initial hope and feel the marriage cannot be saved. 

I believe the hope you had on your wedding day is still there just waiting to be rediscovered!  I am passionate about healthy marriages and love working with married couples to achieve a thriving relationship that lasts a lifetime, just what you intended from the start!  The challenging circumstances you may currently be facing can be an opportunity to strengthen your connection, not drive you apart. 

I teach couples how to assertively ask for what they want and need, how to communicate effectively by allowing their partner to feel safe and heard, and how to resolve conflict in a way that respects, rather than wounds, one another.  

I am a marriage friendly therapist and take a pro-commitment stance, which means I assume you are seeking counseling to help you stay together and will work towards that goal until you explicitly tell me otherwise.  

A good marriage has many positive effects for men and women and I am dedicated to helping couples preserve and enhance their relationship.  Your hopelessness can turn to optimism once again! 

Call me at 818-577-3015 to discuss your situation and see if I can be of help.  I look forward to talking with you!